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A New Zealand Broadband Plan for The Future

Vipernet offers an innovative and straightforward selection of packages for broadband Internet to residential and business customers in Christchurch and the rest of New Zealand. The emphasis is on getting customers on the Internet quickly and painlessly through a uniquely New Zealand broadband plan and entirely local support from fellow Kiwis.


The infrastructure for broadband Internet access in New Zealand is primarily provided by two companies, formed when the national telecommunications provider was split up. Current legislation prohibits infrastructure providers from directly selling Internet access to customers, which creates the need for Internet connectivity resellers (called ISP's) and promotes healthy competition.

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It is no unusual for customers to become confused when confronted by all the different resellers of Internet connectivity and having to wade through the maze of packages on offer, each proclaiming some arcane benefit that makes it the apparent perfect option. 


  • No contract. Vipernet does not require customers to sign aggressively locked-in contracts. Internet access is provided on a month-to-month basis, which means that in the unlikely event of the customer deciding to change their Internet provider, written notice of one month is all that it requires to say goodbye.

  • Own router. A benefit of not requiring a fixed-term contract for a broadband plan in NZ, is that the customer supplies their own router or modem. It really is a significant advantage because it allows customers to choose the router that offers the particular features they require. You won't be hamstrung by whatever inadequate devices the ISP might insist on installing.

  • Security. Many ISP's feel the need to limit customers' access to the setting and features of their supplied routers, which poses a massive security risk. The further benefit to customers in providing their own routers is that customers have complete ownership and control over the device. With Vipernet, customers are in control of installing security patches and firmware updates, limiting remote access, and regularly changing passwords. (If you need assistance with this, Vipernet's local computer technician is happy to assist).

Benefits Of a Fibre Broadband Plan From Vipernet

How to Choose a High Speed Internet Plan

In line with industry standards, Vipernet offers customers a choice between several NZ broadband plan packages. All packages are uncapped and offer unlimited downloading and uploading of data, the only difference being in the maximum megabits per second (Mbps) that can be transferred. There is no need to feel pressured by your choice; any package can be upgraded or downgraded at a month's notice without any penalties.


  • Streaming TV and videos. The recommended minimum download speed for HD 1080p is considered to be five Mbps for each television. So if two televisions will simultaneously be in use for watching different streamed shows, ten Mbps is required. Videos being watched on tablets and phones mostly require less data per device. The 100 Mbps home broadband plan from Vipernet offers more than enough data throughput, even for 4K televisions.

  • Intense online gaming. Most current games only require between three and ten Mbps for a smooth gaming experience. It is well within the range of all the packages that Vipernet offers. Still, it is also wise to consider that other household members might be watching television during gaming sessions instead. As this might impact the game, it is better to opt for the 200 Mbps package for only $10 more per month.

  • Business use. The prevalence of cloud storage and even cloud computing has had a massive impact on Internet access for most businesses. The rule of thumb is to budget for at least a whopping 80 kbps in both the upload and download speed per user. Choosing the 950 Mbps plan limits the company's size to 300 employees, and it is thus recommended to instead look at the HyperFibre packages. 

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Common Questions About Vipernet

Here are the three most common questions that customers have about Vipernet: 


  • Is Vipernet a legit Internet Service Provider? The answer is that Vipernet is indeed a recognised Internet service provider (or ISP). They have all the agreements in place to act as legitimate resellers of the data capacity provided by the infrastructure companies. This agreement is the norm in New Zealand and many other countries and ensures that the quality of the actual access is not dependent on the size of the ISP. Instead, what differentiates ISP's from each other is the level of customer support they provide to their customers.

  • What areas are supported by Vipernet? Vipernet is based in Christchurch and currently only provides on-site support, including free router setup, in this area. They offer their subscription broadband plans to anyone anywhere in New Zealand, but there support is limited to telephonic and email communication with the staff in Christchurch. Generally, this does not present any problem. The staff are knowledgeable in the configuration of most quality routers and modems and will talk customers through the setup procedure or troubleshooting tasks. The infrastructure engineers always do the physical cabling.

  • What is the availability of fibre in certain areas? The infrastructure providers determine the availability of fibre connections and the best possible speed at which it runs. When a customer completes and submits the query form on Vipernet's website, their staff immediately checks fibre availability at the stated address with the infrastructure providers. Based on this information, they can advise the customer on the best unlimited broadband plan in NZ available or if any upgrades or new cabling might be required.


Vipernet provides customers in Christchurch with unlimited broadband Internet on an easy monthly subscription at competitive rates. Contact Vipernet for the best deals and personal service on a high-speed broadband plan in New Zealand. 

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