Install Process

This page describes the basic process that we follow to provide you with Internet access. We would like to be your Broadband Provider.

Snap up a deal

Step 1 – Snap Up A Deal

The first step is to decide on the scale of internet you require – choose from our options for cheap broadband in NZ here. Once you've selected which of our unlimited broadband deals best meets your needs, place an order and fill in the info we ask for.

After this, we will check those details against our service partner's address database to ensure that we can offer you home broadband at your address.

Connecting your home broadband

Step 2 – Connecting Your Home Broadband

After this, we will flick you an email to check when you'd like your service installed. We'll do this ASAP, so please check your junk folder if you don't receive the email.


Once you've fired off your reply, you can sit back and relax until your connection date, when your unlimited broadband deal will kick in.

In the meantime, we'll be placing the order with the local fibre provider, who will either switch your provider over to us, or they may need to install a brand-new connection into your property.

Once that's all done, we'll get the green light to start delivering your internet at viciously fast speeds.

As part of our commitment to no-hassle broadband, you can request that we come to your house and configure your router at no extra cost. Once you’re connected, we’ll make sure everything is working as it should.

Pay for cheap broadband

Step 3 – Pay for Your Cheap Broadband

We bill our customers on the 10th of each month, and you will be charged from the date of the internet install.

For example, if you had your home broadband installed on the 5th, we'll bill you for those five days, not a whole month. We divide the plan you have signed up for by the number of days in that month and charge you in line with that, so you don't pay more than you need to.

Your first bill for the service may be smaller than you're expecting, and your second bill will be for a full month.