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With a strong connection to fibre broadband in NZ, the world of possibilities represented by the Internet opens up to you. From better video streaming quality to less time wasted waiting for pages to load and files to download, it can be your gateway to more efficient work and more accessible entertainment. For many, though, their Internet connection at home is more of a hindrance than a help — and the constricting grasp of unfair broadband contracts might have you struggling to think of an alternative. 


At Vipernet, our mission is simple: offer you that alternative and do so while always respecting you as a customer of our service. Founded in Christchurch in 2020, we are a new ISP backed up by experience, technical understanding, and a more serious commitment to customer service than you'll find elsewhere. Discover a different way to enjoy the Internet on your own terms. 

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Among your options for broadband in NZ, you've probably heard all the promises before — so what makes us different from your other choices? With a strong emphasis on developing the type of service we'd hope to use at home ourselves, we've achieved a more flexible and suitable result for individuals and families of all types. Here's what we've done to do that:


  • We've thrown away the contracts. We bill you from the date of installation and on the 10th of the month after that, but when you're ready to leave, you won't find a restrictive contract making you pay hundreds in fees for terminating the service.

  • We've created a tiered service that makes it easy to select the help you need and not services you don't want. From 950Mbps down to DSL speed levels, only buy what you need.

  • We don't force you to buy bundled services and other add-ons — in fact, we don't even offer add-ons. What you see is what you get: stable, reliable connections at superior speeds. With efforts ongoing to expand our connection capabilities even further, you'll also find we're an excellent resource for the fastest connection in the future. 

What Sets Us Apart in NZ as Fibre Broadband Providers?

The Benefits of Vipernet's Unlimited Fibre Broadband

When you engage our service, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy several different benefits from faster, more reliable, and more affordable Internet connections. You may not even consider some of these advantages at first, but they offer an excellent reason to make the switch. Look forward to doing more with your connection, such as: 


  • Improved experiences with streaming video, online downloads, games and more. With a faster connection that doesn't experience hiccups, you can enjoy the modern multimedia experience online every day.

  • Enhanced ease of use when working with cloud storage services, VPNs, and other remote work tools. Are you tired of how long it takes to pull down those essential documents from the work server, or how many times you need to try to upload them again? Our stability and consistency enable better work.

  • Improved video call quality, a must-have in today's increasingly online workplace. 

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Why Vipernet is Your Most Cost-Effective Choice for Fibre BroadbanD

With no contracts ever and a "pay as you go" policy that's always in effect, Vipernet is simply the easiest way to secure better, faster, and more reliable Internet in the Christchurch region. Could you pick up the phone and call your ISP right now, expecting to be able to speak to the owner of the whole business? The answer is probably a resounding "no" — but not if you choose our business. Friendly help from the top down is always available with our team.


Contact us today to learn more about bringing our NZ broadband service to your home soon. 

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