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Stay Online with Fast Internet Through Our Broadband Provider in NZ

Having the right broadband provider in NZ can save you from a world of hassle down the line. We understand that the only thing you care about is staying online and having reliably fast Internet. At Vipernet, we pride ourselves on helping our clients with accessible Internet without all the contractual hassle from ordinary ISPs.

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If you’re looking for an ISP in NZ, we believe we are a powerful choice for many reasons. Having seen firsthand what problems the ordinary ISP sector can cause, we set out to deliver beneficial service to all our customers from day one. Consider the following benefits you can expect from choosing our services:


  • We have no reason to bog you down with contractual obligations. We understand you want your Internet up and running and you want it to have a reliable speed. We provide our Internet packages on a subscription basis, which means you can cancel the package as soon as you don’t need it anymore.

  • We provide our support entirely locally. You don’t have to deal with offshore support teams that leave you hanging once their online support capabilities don’t solve your problem. Since we are local, we can try to help you over the phone, but we can also come to you if necessary.

  • We help you with a free on-site router configuration to get you up and running as soon as possible. Dealing with delays from a different NZ ISP can quickly become frustrating, especially if you have already signed a contract and become incapable of seeking help from a different team because of it. Our free router configuration on top of a no-contract policy makes our services super accessible.

  • All our options include unlimited broadband so that you can surf the Internet and download as much as you want to without limitations. We have various speeds available that can accommodate anyone, whether they simply want to surf or stream their favourite series and play online games as much as possible. 

The Benefits of Choosing Us When You Need a NZ Broadband Provider

Tips for Choosing a Package from Our Broadband Company in NZ

There are several types of Internet and different packages available for them all. We put together a quick list of helpful tips to help our clients make more informed purchasing decisions regarding our broadband packages. Consider the following key factors when deciding on which package you need from our NZ broadband company: 


  • If you’re a casual Internet user that only needs it for basics, consider one of our lower speed packages. Basics would include using the Internet to browse, read or send emails, and streaming standard quality video or music from different platforms. These packages are ideal for people who know they need the Internet but won’t spend most of their time online.

  • If you’re someone who works from home and requires reliable speeds that can manage different connections at once, consider one of our mid-tier packages. These packages will allow you to make your business video calls with zero interruptions, even if the kids want to use the Internet for some light streaming or online gaming.

  • If most of your household will be on the Internet most of the time, consider one of our higher-end packages. The fast speeds provided by these packages will help make sure that no one in the house will have to deal with a dropping connection while working, gaming, streaming, or listening to music. These connections are even ideal for small teams that work in the same space and require consistent, high-speed Internet for everyone.

  • If you want the best speeds available to make sure you, your family, or even your business has reliably fast Internet around the clock, consider our premium-tier packages. Currently only available from Chorus, these packages will deliver lightning-fast speeds as you’ve never experienced from your Internet before. 


If you want more details on our New Zealand ISP Internet packages, please give us a call, and ask our professionals. We want to help you choose the right package for your home or business, and we can quickly do that by asking you a few questions about your requirements. We can also clarify any technical requirements or answer any other technical questions you have for us. 

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While the most common reason to seek a broadband provider in New Zealand is simply because you don’t yet have access to the Internet, there are certainly other reasons to give us a call. Consider these following common signs that show you could use our assistance: 


  • Your current Internet download speed is simply too slow, and you’re looking for a New Zealand broadband provider that can supply you with a fibre connection. You might currently have an ADSL connection or a wireless dongle to help you connect at home, but it’s proving much too slow when you want to do different things online at once. We can assist you with an upgrade to a much faster service.

  • Your upload speed is too slow. When we talk about the speed of the Internet, we refer to the download speed in most cases. Some industries, however, rely less on fast download speeds and more on fast upload speeds. Where ADSL or wireless connections can have trouble supporting exceptional upload speeds, fibre can accommodate the speed you need.

  • Your connection might not be too slow, but it’s proving intermittent, and your current ISP doesn’t seem to have a solution. The last thing you need – especially when working from home – is a connection that interrupts your work at random times. A fibre connection might prove the solution to your problem.

  • You want to integrate into the fibre infrastructure. Having fibre on your property is not only good for your future fibre upgrades but also a good bonus for any future tenants who want to move in. Sorting out your fibre at home today means you can upgrade without any hassles in the future. 

Common Signs You Should Consider Our ISP in New Zealand

What You Stand to Gain from Our High-Speed Internet Company

Our fibre packages are the ideal solution for those who love spending time on the Internet or simply need a reliable connection so that you can work from home. We don’t draw our clients into unnecessary contracts, which means that when you want to back out, you can do it at a moment’s notice. High-speed fibre helps you enjoy the Internet the way you’re meant to, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality streaming, gaming, and more on any of your devices.


When you’re ready to move over to the power of exceptionally fast fibre, give us a call today and speak to our team about the package for you.

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