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Enjoy a Simpler Option for Broadband in New Zealand

Having reliable broadband in New Zealand isn't a luxury; it is practically a necessity. Unfortunately, that fact often leads many Internet service providers to over-promise and under-deliver, especially once they've locked you into a contract you can't easily leave. The result is a poor service quality that can leave you chasing answers on the phone while tasks you need to tend to remain undone. Isn't there a better way to find help in New Zealand with fibre broadband that suits your specific needs? 


The answer is yes, and you don't need to look far for why. With Vipernet, based out of Christchurch, you can discover a better way to pay for your Internet access. Founded with the mission of making broadband access better and less stressful for clients, we've used our experience and background in the industry to create a superior service you can depend on daily. When should you bump our service to the top of the list when you want to consider switching providers? 

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Making the switch to a new Internet provider can be a big move, especially if you've been with the same ISP for a long time. However, there are some clear instances when you should strongly consider making the change. Look for signs such as: 


  • Frequent connection interruptions or speeds and service that are much slower than what an ISP advertised to you at the start of your contract.

  • Frustration with your contract terms combined with paying too much for your connection thanks to the addition of extra and often unnecessary fees onto your bill. Why continue to pay too much, especially when you might need to move in the future? A monthly arrangement would benefit you more.

  • A growing need for a faster and more reliable web connection. Whether you have begun working from home in an exclusively remote role, or poor speeds hamper your ability to do as much as you need each day, you don't have to put up with a bad provider. Vipernet brings you quickly up to speed.

Signs You Should Consider Switching Your High-Speed Internet Provider

What Makes Vipernet the Right Choice in New Zealand for Broadband?

When you recognise the signs that say it's time to find better high-speed Internet in NZ, finding a provider you can trust with your monthly connection budget is the next step. Why should you zero in on Vipernet and explore what we have to offer? Consider what we do to stand out from the crowd: 


  • No contracts — ever. We offer our services on a strictly month by month basis, so if you decide you're ready to move on to another provider, you won't have any trouble with us. Pay as you go and enjoy a more straightforward service.

  • Blazing fast speeds of up to 950Mbps, with other connection speed solutions for those who don't need the same capabilities and would prefer to save more on their monthly bills.

  • Our customer service is second to none. When you have a problem, you can always call us for help — and if you have serious concerns, speaking to the owner is always an option. 

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About Vipernet

Founded and independently operated in Christchurch by principal operator and owner Alan Beattie, Vipernet is your newest local provider for fibre broadband in New Zealand. Our "pay as you go" structure offers a fairer way to connect to the web today, aiming to consistently deliver excellence in both speed and connection quality while quickly resolving faults. There's something for every kind of user with numerous service options available — from the occasional web surfer to the always-online workaholic.


Find your plan today or contact us for help.