About Vipernet

Are we the best internet providers in NZ? We think so, but we’re totally biased!

Vipernet was founded in 2020 by Alan Beattie with a mission is to provide a simple, easy to understand experience when purchasing unlimited fibre broadband in New Zealand. It was dreamt up out of Alan’s frustration with huge internet companies showing little care for their customers. After working at a high-profile internet company for six years (it rhymes with shark), he moved over to Chorus for five years. He spent years fixing issues with the automated background systems behind your internet and helping technicians in the field with troubleshooting.

Alan decided that it wouldn’t be at all challenging to offer better customer service and speedy internet without a contract to New Zealanders who just want reliable, no-fuss internet services. He is dedicated to providing you with internet that’s super-fast, easy to set up, and won’t lock you into a lengthy contract.

Here at Vipernet, we set ourselves apart from other internet providers in NZ with our aim to offer one of the cheapest unlimited broadband options at potent speeds. We don’t sink our fangs into you with a lengthy contract full of corporate speak. Instead, we simply provide reliable, affordable unlimited fibre broadband anywhere in New Zealand with no contracts. Sign up now for broadband without limits.

Need support? Contact our local New Zealand-based support centre for assistance. That’s the benefit of going with an NZ internet provider that’s by locals, for locals.